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Seeds for Self-Healing is inspired by the author’s journey from addiction and poor body image to more health, happiness, and freedom. The book introduces ideas and practices that may be considered alternative in comparison to Western medicine. Most of the ‘medicines’ described are free or low-cost, sustainable, simple, empowering, and beneficial to planet Earth.

It unites the practical and the imaginative, the science and the spiritual. Sometimes all we have to do is remove our attachments to the old and open our hearts to experiencing a new truth that may be possible.

Please share this book with those looking for new ways of thinking, living, and healing any type of imbalance of the body, mind, or spirit.

An excerpt from the preface…

Health is not just how we look. 

Health is not just about what we eat and daily exercise.

Health is the interconnectedness of many different aspects of our bodies, minds, and environment.

Health is how we feel.

Health is what we think.

Health is how we speak to others and ourselves.

Health is how we express our emotions.

Health is being able to meet your own needs.

Health is physical, but one can say that it is equal parts, if not more, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Health is not falling in love with your body. 

Health is falling in love with your entire life.

Health is happiness.

Health is freedom.

Health is sovereignty. 

Health is empowerment.

Health truly is wealth.”