A “children’s book” with a deep message for all ages about opening your heart, being vulnerable, and trusting your path.  The illustrations are featuring local sights and landmarks of Sedona, Arizona, a popular hiking and spiritual hub in the United States known for its red rocks.  There is also an eye-spy element to the book, as there is a hidden butterfly and raven on each page.

Paperback version offered at Barnes & Noble for $12.99

Hardcover for $22.00

The poem that is illustrated in the book is the following…

A TRUST POEM – written by Zack Martin

“Life is about trust

Getting away from the idea of wanting and needing anything

Trust that I have all I need and more

Trust that God provides and everything unfolds perfectly as it should

Even if I don’t see it

Trusting that I’m always in the right place and in the right time…

Knowing I’m there always, I look for the signs

Also knowing what I have isn’t really mine,

just something I hold onto in this space and time

Borrowing this in the moment,

how can I provide?

To a life that already gives so much,

from mental, to physical, even spiritual touch

Always looking for new ways to trust and open up

To be more vulnerable is what really opens doors,

and to find what resides inside

is the strength that we’ve always had, yet unconsciously hide…

So when we find that light, that burns so bright,

it can illuminate the darkest of nights…

And just as much as a gift for self,

is so for everyone else.

Trust what you have to make the steps,

as you lead by example from right to left.

Hand and hand across the land

To your tribe, community, family, and friends…

Trust in this as a new life begins,

to live in hope that knows no end.”

For more back story on this creative collaboration, please watch the following video…